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It is important to reiterate that we humbly represent the sum of those who came before us in this world, those who inspired us, and that the concept of “self-made man” is well relative. If we see life like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, for instance, we get to assemble every piece in our own way, but the shapes and colours were presented to us by fellow human beings, each of them contributing to the big picture.

Partner Organizations

SDE Région de Thetford
SADC de l’Amiante
MRC des Appalaches
Ministère de l’Agriculture des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec La Financière Agricole du Québec

And more...

Many people we have met and spent time with have influenced this project’s progression, sometimes even without knowing it, through conversing and sharing ideas on the vision of the work on an orchard, the art of winemaking, entrepreneurship and more. We are certainly forgetting some of them, but here are a few that we think should be acknowledged in no particular order:

Louise Marcotte et Paul Gilbert
Simon Pelchat et Christiane Turcotte
Tatiana Thorens
Jean-Philippe Lefebvre – Groupe réZin Inc
Eric Beaudoin – Groupe réZin Inc
Loïc Chanut – Entre Pierre & Terre
Géraud Bonnet et Naline Desrochers – Desrochers D
Marc Blais – auteur et coach exécutif
Dominic Jacques – chef – Rioux & Pettigrew
Patrick Dubé – chef – Germain-Charlevoix
Peter Franus – Peter Franus Wine Company
Sean Thackrey – Thackrey and company
Catherine Maisonneuve et Mathieu Cosse – Cosse-Maisonneuve Jean-Laurent Groulx – Stratus Wines
Cyril et Nadia Bourgne – La Madura