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A desire for autonomy, a life close to nature
for a noble and true product.

Quality artisanal vinegars

La Villa vinaigres & jardins is an enterprise dedicated to crafting artisan vinegars. It was born from a desire for autonomy and rural life, close to nature, in order to create a beautiful, noble and genuine product.

Authentic, flavourful, inventive and versatile, our vinegars come in a variety of flavours that you will enjoy in a thousand different ways!


La Villa

Our mission is to create world-class vinegars that are inspired by the terroir of  . This project includes the valuing of our agricultural land by developing gardens and orchards of high environmental value focused on biodiversity in order to produce high-quality and healthy foods and aromatics that are destined to be processed.

Let Us Talk Vinegar

Handcrafting vinegar brings us a unique opportunity for creativity and is proving to be a diversified, rich and fascinating activity.

Fruits, honey, maple syrup and other primary ingredients are first transformed into wine. The wine is then put in contact with certain strains of bacteria, which produce acetic acid when eating alcohol. This natural process happens over time. After maturing and assembling, our vinegars have 3 years of age, on average, when entering the market.

Wild Harvest and Natural Gardens

The name of the company, La Villa vinaigres & jardins, comes from a vision of self-sufficiency and sustainable development, our gardens producing some of the ingredients used in the making of our vinegars.

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