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n˚ 2 – Renart – wild cherry vinegar

Wild cherry artisan vinegar

“With neither orchard nor money, yet eager to create fruit-based vinegars, I jumped into the shrubs to satisfy my burning desire. With flair, diligence and a few pirouettes, the chokecherry, a commonplace fruit picked in the wild, was transformed into a delicious condiment.”



Wild cherries are mostly harvested on the property or its surroundings. The Burgundy-inspired winemaking approach gives way to the finesse and freshness of the fruit. There is no arguing: this cherry vinegar truly tastes like cherries!


Wild cherry vinegar, wild cherries Unfiltered, unpasteurized, contains no preservatives. Contains sediments.
Crafted in Quebec, from locally-sourced and imported ingredients


Cocktails – oysters – raw vegetables – salads – sauces – broths (soups, pot-au-feu) – marinades

Why choose La Villa vinaigres & jardins?

Our artisan vinegars are handcrafted with care from high-end natural ingredients. We offer inventive flavours that will brighten up your meals as much as your cocktails.

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